You are a man. You are probably going to go out one or more times a week and have some manly drinks, eat some manly food, and watch or participate in some manly sports. Why not do it where your money will help a worthwhile organization? One of the easiest ways to help needy organizations is to attend their events. However, there are so many out there, and so many of the same old thing - walks, wine tastings, you get where I am coming from. Unless the beneficiary is too man-oriented to pass up - such as prostate cancer - you won't see many of those typical events here listed here, you can find them elsewhere if you want to participate. We want beer, chili, poker, golf, cars, and so on.

We will filter through all the events and list as many of the more man-friendly events as we can find. And since we men don't plan ahead, expect only the next month or so. Events are identified with the man-friendly and man-approved elements for an event we would want to attend. Obviously the more ingredients the better the prospect with 3 or more being a virtual slam dunk for a perfect man event.

If you know of a man-friendly benefit please let us know to add to the list.
  • â - Man Activities like sports (bowling, golf, etc.), casinos, cars and motorcycles - no walks, fashion shows, etc. and musi c like rock, blues, soul, r&b, even country maybe an orchestra if man-related like say James Bond movie music.
  • ¢ - Men's Causes - beneficiaries for cause related specifically to men and men's health.
  •  - Man Drinks like beer, cocktails, no wine and cosmos.
  • ƒ - Man Food like chili, burgers, bacon, sure some healthy stuff but only if meals we still like such as veggie chili, grass-fed beef, etc.
9/30 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
This fundraiser for men's health celebrates vintage style on the bike and the man (and woman) with participants dressing up dapper and hopping aboard vintage bikes.

10/13 Big Head Brewery Spanferkel
Saturday, October 13th head over to the Big Head Brewing 4th annual Spanferkel which also benefits the Wounded Warrior Project.The pig will be ready to serve at about 12:30 pm. The cost is $5.00 a plate and $1 of that will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and Big Head will match all donations. So come hungry.

10/18 - 11/1 Milwaukee Film Festival
The 10th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival has arrived! More than 300 films, dozens of special guests, seven world premieres, parties for days—this one’s got it all. This year, we’re celebrating a decade of bringing the community together through film. See our guide with recommendations to inspire here.

10/20, 21, 25 16 Bars movie at Milwaukee Film Festival
Todd “Speech” Thomas, a member of the iconic hip-hop group Arrested Development (and a Milwaukee native), spends 10 days working as part of a unique rehabilitation program in Richmond, VA, working to allow prisoners to write and record their own songs. Putting a human face on America's omnipresent incarceration woes, 16 Bars shows the value of artistic catharsis for these inmates as they contend with painful memories in order to have a future in this gripping and intimate look at a unique form of prison reform.

November - Movember MKE
Just another year of Milwaukee rocking the men's health awareness better than any city. Check out all the events on our special Movember MKE page.

11/9 Colors & Chords benefit for Islands of Brilliance
Colors & Chords is a one of a kind event that celebrates music and art by pairing bands with prominent local artists live onstage for a 30 minute set. Held in the historic Turner Hall Ballroom, this event merges musical craftsmanship with an individual artist’s interpretation of the music.