When Blue is Green

We all, men and women, go through jeans quite frequently, But what do you do with your old jeans? Sure you can cut them off into shorts (if you are stylistically challenged, or maybe just to do work in), but what do you do with the shorts? Yes you can donate to Goodwill or a like organization. But sometimes the jeans are too far gone or you just don't like the thought of someone else wearing your clothes. So you likely just throw them out.

Instead of filling up landfills, you can be green and even help someone out at the same time.

Instead donate them to Green Jeans Insulation where they use them to make high quality insulation.

You can send them in, or even drop them off directly at Habitat for Humanity in Madison.

What I would like to do  is find a way to get donation bins around town where jeans can be dropped off (like the food or old plastic bag drop offs in grocery stores). We would at intervals pick them up and take them ourselves to Madison. Anyone interested in helping organize that?


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