Sunday, August 13, 2017

FUEL kids studies in the RadioMilwaukee No Empty Backpacks Drive

I stopped in at the new FUEL Cafe south location on 5th Street and saw a donation box for the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Second Annual No Empty Backpacks School Supplies Drive to benefit Milwaukee Public Schools students.

In a partnership with Milwaukee Business Journal for the month of August, donation bins will be at Radio Milwaukee in Walker’s Point, Milwaukee Business Journal, BelAir Cantina locations and select Educators Credit Union locations. FUEL isn't listed, but as a sister restaurant to BelAir they apparently are participating as well.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bikes & Brews For Betterment

Don Draper on a classic bike was the
inspiration for the
Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
We are in the middle of Summer, and here is Wisconsin that means lots of activities - almost too many - as we cram in as much in during good weather as we can before Winter. Among the things to do, it is easy to find many that are philanthropic in nature. And no offense to other groups, but I always take pride in the fact that two of my interests are very prominent in charitable, fund- and awareness-raising activities - namely bikes (I'll include both kinds - motored and self-propelled) and beer. Often both are involved - it is Wisconsin after all so beer is involved most of the time.

I could explore why I think its the case that bikers and cyclists are often generous and charitable, but it is what it is. Instead, without further adieu, here are some of the upcoming socially-responsible events. Check back for updates/additions.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Follow The Golden Rule on 4 Wheels: Watch Out For 2 Wheels and Afoot

Watch out for Motorcyclists,
but also bicyclists & pedestrians
This weekend is Memorial Day, usually called the unofficial start of Summer (the astronomical first day isn't until June 20) since it kicks off the many Summer weekend activities. Summer means lots of new activity, but really that activity has started since Spring came (whenever that is in Wisconsin whether it be 1 day or 3 months). The new or increased activity I refer to is non-4-wheeled traffic: motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, even pedestrians. Oh, and also since its not Winter that means its also Road Construction season. Because of all these changes in May, the month is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month here and across the nation and Memorial Day wraps it up, but really amps it up for the rest of Summer.

The combination of vulnerable traffic, road construction, and mobile and in-vehicle devices makes for a dangerous brew. I know of 2 accounts of circles of friends of motorcyclists being hit by a car in the past few weeks, there was also a professional motorcycle racer, Nicky Haden, who was killed by a motorist while on a bicycle.

Please, if you are out and about in a car, watch out for others around you. I know its tough to get around right now, especially downtown Milwaukee with all the construction. But take your time, be patient and attentive, and be safe for you and others.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Give A Bike, Get A Ferry Ride On April 20

Milwaukee is great, just ask us. But sometimes you want to head out of town to see the rest of the country. For many destinations, if going by car that means heading through Chicago. That means Chicago traffic, tolls, and time. Since 2004 there has been a more relaxing way to head west, especially if going to or through Michigan: the Lake Express ferry. You can skip all that and have a relaxing ride across the lake to Muskegon, MI. Of course there is a cost to that convenience. It's not cheap, you could fly to Michigan many days depending on the current airfare rates, but then we know you are taking your car for some reason.

Luckily there is a great way to reduce the cost. For a few years now, the Lake Express has partnered with Milwaukee Bicycle Collective on a bike donation program on or around Earth Day. In return for a donated bike you get one free round-trip passenger fare. This year the donation event is Thursday, April 20.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bucks Rookie Brogdon Great On & Off The Court

Bucks rookie G Michael Brogdon
If you are an sports fan you can probably name at least a few recent NBA MVPs, if you are an Association fan most or all of them. Rookie of the Year (ROTY)? Even the biggest fan probably can't name a majority. Maybe that was part of his thinking when Bucks rookie guard Michael Brogdon asked his team to cancel their plans to spend money on promoting him for the award and instead donate the money to charity.