Thursday, August 20, 2020

Where Did A Progressive Wisconsin Go?

Statue of the spirit of Forward
People elsewhere, especially on the coasts, even many Wisconsinites, may not know it, but Wisconsin has been a leader in many historical, progressive, movements.

In his DNC address, Wisconsin Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes gave a shout out to a few of our accomplishments, but there are many more. 

After all, our very motto is, simply, 'Forward'. 

Read on to learn about the many accomplishments our state has been a part of.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Internet Speed At Home In the Time Of Home Work And Schooling

Most families aren't this happy on their devices
photo cr. Apple
At this time of COVID, a lot of people are finding out things about their internet connection, usually not good things. What you night have encountered at night, all of your family on devices at the same time, happens all day, with bigger and more resource consuming devices like work and school computers versus just phones and tablets. So, many people are looking into increasing their Internet speed from their provider (ISP), which means paying more. But before you do so, I want to help people understand how it works and why it may not even help in the end to pay more for faster speeds. What may help more is making your home network better.  

What many people don't understand is that your internet speed is dependent on 2 things:

1) Your Internet service provider speed

2) Your device's speed (PC, laptop, tablet, phone) from its internal network adapter.

On any device the speed will only be as fast as the slower of the 2. So you can have fast Internet & WiFi but your device might not be very fast. Or your device may have a  fast network adapter but you have slower Internet speed. All if it throttled by your home WiFi network.

We will take a look at what this means and my recommendations.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Systematic. Militarization. Escalation. the state of Police in America: A Firsthand Experience

Last night I witnessed firsthand the inflammatory nature of law enforcement the way they operate in today's America.

Taking the race thing out of the equation (which we can't), I saw their modus operandi. From the beginning to the at least reasonable and peaceful end.

From my perspective, here's a pretty simple concept: the way to react to people protesting police violence is not with police violence.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Stone Creek Joins Sprecher In Parks Support

Last month we were happy to pass along that Sprecher was supporting Milwaukee parks with their ParkLife Beer,and today we get to applaud another local company for the same thing. Stone Creek Coffee has stepped up to give us the LOVE YOUR PARKS 2-PACK as part of the Love Your Parks Initiative.

$2 of every purchase of Love Your Parks will be donated to Milwaukee County Parks. Read more about the Love Your Parks initiative at

Stoen Creek says the flavor profile is "the sweetness of dried fruit paired with citrus and cream." 

This is a limited time offering and will only be available until August 26th. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Feelings About Harley & America Are Pretty Similar

I'm probably not the type of person you would think of as being a Harley-Davidson brand loyalist. I don't look the part of the few different stereotypes whether it be cruiser outlaw, chopper boho, or midlfe crisis professional. I like the bikes that most other fans don't like, that they consider to be un-Harley. But having grown up in the Milwaukee area and loving my community and its brands, I also grew up loyal to the brand. Loyal regardless of the times they disappoint me.

As I hear about the new round of layoffs at The Motor Company, the fact that its not doing well, I think about how similar my feelings are towards HD and our country, of America.

I love Harley. I love America. Even with their rust, but especially when they shine.