Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BBQ Meals Mission At Harley To Battle Hunger

This Saturday June 18, Wisconsin Harley-Davidson in Oconomowoc will host the 4th HOG and STEER BBQ Competition and Festival, an event in the Kansas City Barbeque Society's sanctioned contests and this year a part of their Meals Mission to provide food for the homeless and hungry.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Milwaukee Bucks Launch Foundation

It's been a busy, and very sad start to 2016. Deaths of celebrities (athletes and musicians) and many, too many, every day citizens, have dominated my experience so far. But last week I saw something that brightened my spirits, especially for Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Bucks have taken a positive step towards becoming more involved in the community with the launch of the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sorry, But Guns Do Kill People

"Cars don't kill people, people kill people." It's a take on a common phrase used for those against increased gun control. Stop for a minute and think if that was our excuse whenever someone was killed by a car.

In this space I usually try to stay away from personal opinion on issues and just promote men doing good things for other men (and women, and children, and animals). But with the recent escalation of gun-related tragedies in our country (and me taking a few risks to be more personal here) I finally think silence is no longer an option.

So, back to that thought. There was a time when we looked the other way for issues with cars whether it be drunk driving, poor quality control, safety standards and so on. Yet at some point we realized we needed change, we needed to start proactively controlling and penalizing certain things with cars. We created laws for inappropriate operation such as using drugs, now even texting. We ban people from using then, even owning them, and often legally take them away from them if they break the laws, or just because they have a condition not conducive to proper operation of the vehicle. We required car companies to make them safer, adding many features. Everyone is supposed to have a training, and a license to use it, and register it, even often are required to have insurance on it. And when things go badly we not only go after the operator, but in some cases depending on the situation on the manufacturer. The same thing happens with drugs - you could say drugs don't kill people, it's how people use them, yet we heavily regulate them as well.

We can do the same thing with guns. If only we could even have the discussion.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

There's Great Then There's The Greatest

Ali truly made his days count
Athlete, advocate, activist, altruist, Ali. The Greatest.

At a time when hyperbole is far too common, especially in written (social media) communication, we just lost one of the few who not only deserved, but demanded superlatives and nothing said about him was exaggerated. Muhammad Ali may have passed form this world last night at the age of 74, but his presence and impact will never be lost.

Every generation has its sports heroes, and each argues over whether theirs is better than the ones before or after, but though Ali's days as an athlete may have been too early for me to consider to be of 'my' generation, his work after the ring continued to create inspiration and aspiration.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Little Prince With A Big Impact

This is one of those times where a social media post just wasn't going to be enough.  Today we lost an all-time great, the incomparable Prince - Prince Rogers Nelson - the prolific, prodigious, popular music recording artist.

It's turning out to be a rough year for someone my age, losing many icons in the first third of the year already including David Bowie and now Prince, two artists with similar impact. Each in many similar ways, especially showing you can be a 'man' even when - or maybe because of - being effeminate, influenced me in various degrees to be the man I am today. There' a common phrase about men who are 'comfortable with their sexuality' and not needing to be a big, masculine, manly-man and I like to think I am that type of man, in part from men like Prince and Bowie.

There's one more thing about Prince that I relate to and was always inspired by: his size. As a smaller, soft-spoken guy, seeing someone like Prince with his stature and demeanor being able to be as big as he was in his chosen profession,  ad to look and dress as he did and still be attractive to women, made me think I could be whatever, whoever, I wanted to be and still fit in even if that me was unique.