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No Festivals That Cancel Aren't Taking Away Your Freedom

A photo of the street festival I organize.  We saw them all last year, and they are cropping up again this year. Festivals small and large cancelling. A common reaction, at least in social media announcement post comments is something like this: "Why don't you just have the festivals? If people want to go, they will go." Is it that simple? Just hold the festival and let however many people are comfortable going show up? Of course it's not. But people with this reaction won't even take a minute to ponder the consequences, and not from a public health standpoint but to the festival itself. They have no idea what it takes to put one on and what is involved and what you can lose if you even have only 75%, let alone 50% or less attendance. Or if they even have the capability to put it on still.  Let's take a quick, very quick, look at what goes into making this decision.