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Heview: Lock Stock & Barrel Men's Grooming Products

In the  Heview  series, we review products and services specifically for men including fashion and style products. When it comes to grooming products for men, a trip to a local big box store reveals the state of men's grooming compared to women's. Granted women have things like make up and nail polish that most men don't use (you should have seen me back in my '80's New Wave days), and we have our own sections for shaving and deodorant. But just comparing hair products we are far behind. Dedicated men's hair products at most stores may come down to brands like Dove for Men or similar 'men's' lines of existing women's or unisex brands. One of the few true men's only product lines broadly available is  American Crew . Sure places like  Sephora  carry some stuff for us - maybe 10 things that add up to less than 1% of total store inventory and sales (though their web site has a decent selection) and once again these are likely men's lines of

Great Play: Miller Park Voted Best Ballpark

ESPN was having a  Battle of the Ballparks , and in a bracket of field against field, Miller Park won its way into the Final Four. Then, as Wisconsinites usually do, we got on and voted it to the top. Due to the votes of Milwaukee fans, Miller Park ended up the final winner. Miller Park  had bested Angel, Dodger and Pittsburgh stadiums on its way to the Final Four where it was pitted against the vaunted Camden Yards and the finals where it met AT&T Park. Jim Caple of ESPN, creator of the poll, seems to think Miller Park does not deserve it and is there because of Wisconsin's penchant for patriotic voting. Sure, we recently helped  Donald Drive r win Dancing With The Stars, we always win the  Campbell's Click for Cans  promotion, and we can always seem to get out the vote for all-star ballots and the like, but come on - give Miller Park some credit. It may not have the history of some of the famous ballparks like Camden, Fenway, Wrigley, and it's not in New York, bu

Great Play: Matthew Stafford Bids On Auction Item For Fan

It always pains me to give kudos to teams and players that are rivals of our hometown teams, but when they deserve it they get it. Yahoo! Sports reported that Matthew Stafford, QB of the Detroit Lions, attended the  Griese-Hutchinson-Woodson Champions for Children's Hearts weekend  to benefit the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and while there pulled off a pretty admirable Well-Met feat. Stafford met Mott patient Faith Falzone and her brother Will, and learned they were big Lions fans. At the auction, there was a "Monday Night Football" package for the Lions game at Chicago where the Falzone's visited. Stafford donated six tickets to add to the package and then proceeded to bid $15,000 for the package. Even more amazing, after he won it, he turned around and gave the package to Will and his family. Well done and Great Play Mr. Stafford.

Milwaukee: Mecca For The Modern Man

We call ourselves here Well-Met Men, from the saying ' Hail-fellow, well-met ', but it is just our term for gentlemen and also infers modern men, renaissance men, and other manner of men trying to be the best they can be. One of the goals of Well-Met Men, founded in and focused on Milwaukee, is to promote businesses and services that cater to men on the quest for perfection - and as it turns out Milwaukee seems to be a great place to do so. Whether it be food, fashion, philanthropy or other pursuits, Milwaukee has evolved into a place where men can find ways to achieve wellness. Many of us in Milwaukee have known it, but now the word is spreading and we are getting national attention. The very character of Milwaukee may have something to do with this. Along with other Rust Belt cities, Milwaukee's ties to blue-collar work including manufacturing and farming have kept it grounded and a place where the man's man can feel welcome side by side with cosmopolitan activitie