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Cauliflower Ground Meat Replacement

Last June I started exploring, probably a lot later than most who know me might think, the whole plant-based thing, starting , mainly with trying to give up beef products  because of both health and environmental reasons. Since then I have had mixed results. Since the beginning of the year I have actually been trying to be as plant-based as I can, not full-on Vegan, but probably the closest definition is flexitarian . My chili cauli with veg ready for beans& sauce In giving up meat, I am really trying to not use supermarket plant-based but highly processed meat replacements. A fake burger or sausage is just not going to be the same as meat, plus they still are processed foods and even if 'vegan' still unhealthy. Instead I try new recipes that aren't based on meat-centric ones with meat replacements. Lots of non-Euro, non-American recipes But sometimes you get the craving for an old standby, a comfort food selection maybe. So how do you do that and still have it