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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Night with the Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is hosting an Awareness Night with the Milwaukee Brewers to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research while the Brewers take on the Pittsburgh Pirates on August 31. A portion of each ticket sold for the game will be donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Pancreatic cancer survivors, families, friends and supporters are invited to join us help raise awareness. Remember to always check the calendar for more man-friendly events that support charities.

Great Play: NFL Promotes Head & Neck Safety For All Ages

Football has entrenched itself as the most popular sport in America, but what we know of as the sport may not be what it will be in the future. Though we love it for what it is, most reasonable people can acknowledge that the rules as is do not protect the players as best they could. As football moves forward decisions will need to be made on the balance between the on-field action and the long term effects of that action. That is another discussion entirely, but in the mean time the NFL is doing its best to ensure that not only its players, but the youth playing the sport that are just as if not more vulnerable to the injuries. Through it's umbrella organization USA Football , the NFL has instituted a new program called Heads Up  to provide resources to leagues, coaches, and parents of youth football to prevent and address health and safety issues, specifically dealing with concussions.

Brewers Community Foundation week begins August 16

The Brewers continue to show their ties to and support of the Milwaukee community with Brewers Community Foundation Week beginning Thursday, August 16 featuring a week of activities at Miller Park to highlight the Foundation's charitable impact in the community.  BCF's focused areas of interest are related to these causes. One of the highlights of BCF Week is the "Ultimate Auction" which begins on tomorrow and will continue until August 21.  Fans will have the opportunity to bid on and win one-of-a-kind memorabilia items and unique experiences.  Thirteen exclusive packages will be available, including the opportunity to serve as a Brewers First Base Coach at 2013 Spring Training, Mark Attanasio's five front row seats next to the Brewers dugout for a game, and an all-expense trip to the Brewers Fantasy Camp.  A complete list of "Ultimate Auction" items is attached and fans can bid on items at

Can Change Change The World?

Being a man, and not carrying a purse, I have long hated change - coins that is. I hate carrying it, counting it out (and hate more when someone in front of you searches around to try to come up with exact change), and cashing it in if I do save it. To me coin change is like 'extra' money'. So my current practice, when I do pay with cash and get change, is to throw it in what was the ashtray in the car and then when it gets full take it in the house where we save change til maybe once a year we take it to the bank or a self serve cash-in place. Still, if at all possible I try to avoid getting change back. Just this morning I walked to the local bakery to get some breakfast.  I got $1.30 in change back. Thankfully seeing that they had a Save-A-Wish donation bin out, I threw the coins - even the extra dollar bill - in there. I find myself doing that at pretty much any place that has  them, barely paying attention to the organization it goes to. If I notice it is one I am s

Give A Little (Blood) Get A Lot

The Blood Center of Wisconsin has two great promos going on right now in an effort to increase blood donations. Both of them include getting in free to an event - Wisconsin State Fair or a Brewer's game. State Fair Promo If you donate blood at one of our donor centers now through August 11, you’ll give the gift of life to up to three people. And as a special thank you for donating during this time of high need, you’ll score a free one-day admission to the State Fair — one of the most family-friendly and affordable entertainment experiences of Wisconsin’s summer season. Call  1-877-BE-A-HERO  (1-877-232-4376) or 1-414-937-6199 to make an appointment. Be sure to mention " Summer " to get your free ticket. Or make an appointment  online at one of their donor centers . Type " Summer " in the comment box on the confirmation page during your online registration. In addition to the Wisconsin State Fair ticket, you'll also receive an extra 200 recognition po