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The Distinguished Gentleman' Ride - Motorcycles For Men's Health

When fundraising and awareness efforts combine a great cause with a unique method is a win for all involved. At GMM here we are always looking for charitable events that are by and/or for men - and when the two are combined - when it is a man-friendly event for a men's cause, well it gets the GMM seal of approval, for what that's worth. At the end of the month I will be participating in an event that is all about Greater Milwaukee Men -   The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride,  an international motorcycle ride for Classics, cafĂ© racers, bobbers, trackers, customs, modern classics, classic scooters & undefinable 2/3 wheeled machines to raise awareness and finds for prostate cancer on September 28. The Milwaukee ride details are here , and there is a Facebook page . On the surface that's two tings going for this event - motorcycles, and prostate cancer - but it ups the ante by making it a unique ride. Participants in the ride are called on to dress up - be dapper - o