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Man Makes His Daughters Wedding Dress

A father in California, a construction worker, had promised his daughter as a girl that he would make their dresses - despite the fact he didn't sew. So, when his daughter's time came to get married - he read a cook, and applied his practical craft knowledge to help him make her dress. The very touching story can be seen on ABC World News .

DOT Men Reconnect Girl With 'Daddy' - Bear That Is

Any good deed by any person, any man, always warms my heart, but for some reason tales of public servants going above and beyond for us always gets me even more. Stories like postal service employees replying to letters to Santa or religious figures are common, but here is a new one. In Washington State, two transportation department employees recovered a lost teddy bear for a girl that meant the world to her. The bear was given to the girl by her father Sgt. Claudio Wadsworth, who is with the Army in South Korea, and the bear serves as a sort of replacement for him, hence the bear's name 'daddy'. She lost the bear on a trip and when word went out via social media to the department the employees stepped up and two men actually found and returned the bear to the girl. Kudos to the department for starting the effort and the two men that found the bear.