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Free Prostate Screenings & Free Brewers Tickets May 12

Even though you may not be able to avoid the first number, you can avoid being part of the second if it is detected early. Get checked. We all know men are notoriously bad at taking care of themselves, so sometimes an incentive can help kick us into action. This coming Monday men are given just that opportunity - to be spurred into action to get themselves checked out - in this case for prostate cancer. After the Brewers hopefully hand it to the Yankees this weekend, the Miller Park parking lot will be home to something quite different than tailgating. On Monday, May 12, fans of the Brewers and staying healthy can head on down to the lot where two mobile clinic vehicles will be there to perform prostate cancer screenings for free. Not only is it free, and you don't need an appointment, but you have the chance to get 2 free Brewers tickets. The event, presented by Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network, Fox 6, the Milwaukee Brewers, ZERO-Prostate Cance

May Is - When Bikes Help Blood Pressure And Clean Air

Each month there are different causes, awareness efforts, or celebrations that are named and promoted. Often there are a few that work well together, whether planned or not. That is the case with May which, among other promotions, is National Bike Month , National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month and National Clean Air Month. To me these go together so well because by the simple act of biking more you can address the two other issues of reducing your blood pressure and helping keep our air clean with less vehicle emissions. There are lots of resources I could quote or link to to support the many benefits of getting out on your bike whether as a casual ride, exercise, or even as your primary means of transportation. But, whether some want to admit it or not, they all are pretty obvious so I'll leave it to you to accept it. Instead, since this is a Milwaukee blog, I want to do my own list of why you should get out on your bike here.