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Top GMM Stories of 2013

2013 saw some changes including a name change (from Well-Met Men to the more Milwaukee focused Greater Milwaukee Men) and web publication tool and with them a pretty good growth in visits to the site. We hope to continue that growth into 2014 to really go viral and be on the minds and mouths of men in Milwaukee and everywhere. But we need your help to get there, remember to help spread the word by cross-posting stories to all your social media tools. So what got people coming to the site this past year? Two major anniversary parties, both motorcycle-related, received the most visits overall with their fans and visitors hopefully getting some info from us. Throw in some health awareness posts, local product news & reviews, two teens doing the right thing, and even a recording artist's trials and triumphs and you have the 'best' - at least as readers thought - of the past year.

Rodgers Sets Example For Men With Injury

This may not look like a player happy to be held out, but deep down he knew it was the right decision. I normally reserve kudos for athletes for those that have done something charitable or some other admirable way off-field. Aaron Rodgers has done his part with the itsAaron campaign , but in reading post-game commentary after the Packers miraculous win over the Bears, he added a new level of respect. After having missed almost half the season due to a broken collar-bone and what may have seemed like mollycoddling by the team doctor Pat McKenzie, Rodgers didn't bemoan the extra games lost due to the care, but praised it. This is something men in Milwaukee, and Wisconsin, and the world need to be pay attention to. Rodgers trusted the doctors and it paid off. We all know men are infamous for mishandling health issues including injuries, but Rodgers gives a lesson in how and why we should all follow through on doctor's orders, even praising McKenzie for keeping his personal

MKE & WI Stand Atop Volunteering Report, But Men Lag Behind Women

Here you can see MKE topping the national average While one of my goals is always to increase volunteering among men, it appears that the city of Milwaukee and our entire state are doing pretty well in a general sense. A new report by  The Corporation for National & Community Service , a federal agency that promotes public service, rates Milwaukee as number 3 of the 51 largest MSAs and Wisconsin overall in the top 10 of all states at number 8. I can't say how proud it makes me to live in a city that often takes heat from the rest of the state to take such high honors in this type of report.

Nelson Mandela: Free Man, Free Leader, Free Soul

'A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.' Those words are but a few of many wise ones to have come from one of the greatest leaders I have and likely will see during my lifetime, a man whose soul just moved on, Nelson Mandela. Those words, of all his, I picked for this story since the are among those quotes that embody what to me Greater Milwaukee Men is about, the Greater Men part, about being good, trying to be great, in all areas.