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Support Braise, Support Farmers, Good Food

Braise is a Milwaukee restaurant of the farm-to-table variety, but it is much more than that: a CSA (community supported agriculture), RSA (restaurant supported agriculture), culinary school, and more. Across all its different functions there is a core mission though: to bring good food to the people of Milwaukee, and by good we mean more than good tasting, we mean food that is good for the environment, for you, for the community. Braise has helped the community including restaurants and farmers, now it needs the community's help.

Chris Porterfield Gives Song, Proceeds To Neighbor

Record artwork by Dwellephant Chris Porterfield, Milwaukee musician and member of the band Field Report , recently wrote a song for a neighbor. That neighbor - Tia Wilson - is only 8 and has sickle cell anemia . Her battle with the disease, and her recent bone marrow transplant, inspired Porterfield to write a song for Field Report. Initially played for the family at a show this past October, Daniel Holter offered to record the song, Justin Perkins offered to master the track, and local artist Dwellephant offered to illustrate it.