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City Lights Cans Water. Why its better than bottles.

You may have seen the new trend for packaged water with brands like Liquid Death. Now a local brewery, City Lights Brewery , is getting in on the act. Except its not just an act, its not some fad, there are reasons to can vs. bottle water. Good reasons.

Make Men's Health Month About You

The month of November is (one of the) Men's Health Month(s), popularized by the Movember movement. (June is another recognized annual event but since it is November now, November it is.) It's a great foundation, it has been successful and is highly rated for its impact. But, one thing I see with the movement is that while they speak about men's health to the participants, I feel the participants themselves promote it outwardly rather than inward, at them. I personally fell victim to that selfsame issue, but no longer. As of this November, I am taking care of myself.