City Lights Cans Water. Why its better than bottles.

You may have seen the new trend for packaged water with brands like Liquid Death. Now a local brewery, City Lights Brewery, is getting in on the act. Except its not just an act, its not some fad, there are reasons to can vs. bottle water. Good reasons.

WISN recently reported the new venture by City Lights. Canning water. But why cans? It takes "...about five times the amount of water in the bottle goes into making that actual plastic bottle of water, so we're saving water. It's more recyclable. It's not ending up in landfills," City Lights Brewing co-founder Jimmy Gohsman said in the WISN interview.

As City Lights said on their social media, selling water in cans will help reduce "the landfills, littering in parks, streets and waterways of plastic water bottles!" Plus, the manufacturing process of the containers, aluminum vs. plastic, itself uses less water. About five times the amount of water in the bottle goes into making that actual plastic bottle of water. And cans are recyclable whereas plastic bottles mostly go into landfill.

In addition to the direct environmental impact, A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Menomonee Valley Partners to help fund environmental sustainability initiatives. And they were able to add more local jobs in packaging and distribution.

The best way to drink water is in reusable containers, if on the go using multi-use bottles, but if you have to, or just want to, buy packaged water there are options besides plastic bottles including paper cartons and aluminum cans. If you are in Milwaukee, support local Milwaukee business and sustainability with City Lights canned water. Congratulations City Lights on a great project.


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