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Welcome to my new endeavor. You may be wondering what is this thing? Well, here's the deal. As a relatively young person involved in volunteerism who happens to be a man, I am constantly struck by the overwhelming majority of volunteers being two things: women, and let's call them more mature people. Yet I know of many young to middle aged adults, and many men, that have their heart in the right place but may just need some thing to get them to step up and get involved. For many months I have thought long and hard about my own personal experiences, and just how I might step up myself and be a leader for others with similar interests and backgrounds: mainly middle-aged to young men with diverse  interests. The question is, can I combine my experience volunteering with contacts with a diverse group of people to inspire them to volunteer to help something they care for doing something they like doing? Well, this is what I have come up with, a sort of social club for men (professi