While having pride in who and what you are - and how to gain that pride - is the main focus of Greater Milwaukee Men, the other piece of the puzzle is pride in where you are, and since we are talking about Milwaukee, we focus on everything good about the Greater Milwaukee Area: the city, county, and surrounding area.

This shot shows some of the best parts of MKE -
our downtown, the arts, and the lake
You will see many posts here about the great things in Milwaukee, because Milwaukee needs it. Milwaukee is not only underestimated by everyone else, but even Milwaukeeans themselves. In recent years, however, the word has been getting out about the well-kept secret that is Milwaukee. We are getting awards and showing up on many lists of the top communities for various cultural assets. Most of these things make Milwaukee a great place for men, as we talked about in our Milwaukee: Mecca For The Modern Man story.

As we hear of these achievements by our home, we will compile them all here so that everyone can see how great Milwaukee is. Here are the lists that Milwaukee has made:
It is all well and good for other people to think well of us, but we need Milwaukeeans to shout out our love for the city as well, here are the words of those who have done so:
If you know of one we missed please let us know in the comments and we will add it.


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