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Packers Making The World Green Outside The Bay With Tree Donations

The Green Bay Packers green impact doesn't end in their home city - and I'm not talking about their team colors being worn around the state, country, and world. The Packers are helping make the world greener by donating trees for every first down achieved during the season. The Green Bay Packers First Downs for Trees program will enter its fourth season this year and is now presented in partnership with two environmentally-conscious companies, SCA and Green Bay Packaging Inc. , both which have local manufacturing operations. First Downs for Trees is a cooperative effort with the Packers, the U.S. Forest Service, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Public Service. One of the Packers’ Green Team initiatives, the program donates trees to participating Brown County communities based on the number of first downs achieved by the Packers in the previous season.

Kareem Tells How To Turn Boys To Men

In an Esquire blog post, the esteemed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar presents 20 Things Boys Can Do To Become Men . Unlike what you may expect from today's athletes, his post is a well-thought out and truly valid list. I recommend it highly for anyone trying to be a Great Man, though points for what boys can and should do it is what we all should do. If you have boys yourself share it with them. You can read his entire post with all 20 points and his enlightened discussion of them, but seeing as they all support our values  in the code: A Great Man man strives to be Compassionate, Decisive, Enterprising, and Sincere, I thought I would list them here under the value I think they help reinforce.

Words Beget Words - Donate Or Buy Books To Support Literacy

If you have some extra books lying around - new or 'gently' used, you could take them to place like Half-Price books (as opposed to throwing them away). Or you could donate them to Literacy Services of Wisconsin  and help someone be able to read the very books you enjoyed or found useful. For more than four decades, LSW's core programs—basic reading and spelling, English as a Second Language (ESL), and General Educational Development (GED) Preparation—exemplify their belief that every person has a right to an excellent education. Every year at the end of September, LSW holds a Book Drive to sell books to raise funds to support their programs. (If I was there I'd call it Bookoberfest since it is at the same time as Oktoberfest). This year is runs from Thursday, September 26th - Thursday, October 3rd at a new location inside The Shops of Grand Avenue. It goes from 9:30am - 6:30pm Daily in The Shops of Grand Avenue on the Second floor above T.J.Maxx, 161 W. Wisconsin

Harley & The Anniversary Wrap-Up - Why We Should Celebrate With Them

Every 5 years Harley brings in people, and economic impact, from all over the world I've seen and heard the complaints every five years from non-bikers and even non-Harley (dare I say anti-Harley) bikers alike. 'I'm getting out of town for the weekend.' 'They are so loud.' 'They are so unsafe (with a disclaimer of no helmet, no protective gear, their riding style, alcohol consumption, etc.)' Are the shouts of the unappreciative. Though I myself am a Harley-Davidson fan (and owner) I am not an apologist so I get it and agree with some points, but then my #MKEPRIDE kicks in along with my Buy Local  heart and I must defend and celebrate not only the festivities but Harley itself. Why do I like, even love Harley? I appreciate bikes in general and am a fan of other brands and types - especially if they are old or look that way - including Triumph, Norton, BMW and others. But my heart is given to Harley-Davidson. Reason #1 is that they are born and br