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Regift: Donate Instead Of Returning

At the holidays there are times when you can get gifts that you just don't want. It may be a duplicate, the wrong size, or you simply don't like it. There are various things you can do with that item: return it (often with or without a gift receipt), throw it out if not overly valuable, and even regift it. Regifting, passing the gift onto someone else, usually has a stigma attached to it, but is it really so bad? At least the item has a chance to be used instead of ending up in a landfill. But there is another way to look at regifting with a positive spin: donate it. Depending on the item, there are various ways to donate an unwanted gift so that it will have value to someone else, especially others in need.

Bucks Launch BucksFit In January For A Healthier Community

The Milwaukee Bucks and their partners at the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network are teaming up to build a healthier community through the new BucksFit platform, which launches Monday, Jan. 2 and continues through the end of the month. The program is highlighted by a community-wide 30-day fitness challenge in which members of the community who take the BucksFit pledge to incorporate healthy activities into their daily routine throughout the month will have the chance to win unique Bucks prizes including courtside seats, meet-and-greets with Bucks players, and the chance to participate in a community boot camp to be held at the BMO Harris Bradley Center on Feb. 11.

This Season Buy A Bag Don't Cart A Can

The holiday season is, unfortunately, the time when we start top think most about the hungry, those that need. I say unfortunately because we should think of them all the time. Now understandably its winter, we are in the giving season, we are thinking (guiltily) about our family meals and want to help others. That's great. We just could do it more often, and more importantly, better. The usual way we donate to food banks is by giving, well, food. But isn't that what we want to do? Give food to the hungry? Well, sure, but there are more cost-effective, efficient, more healthy ways of getting food to them than actually donating 'non-perishable' items at various donation events from your grocery store to a show. What is the best way? Just giving money. You seen when you donate funds, the pantry can buy in bulk to get more food for the same amount, and they can also get what they need, versus what you decide to give them. Here is great summation of what it means for a

Tricklebee Cafe Seeks To Make Healthy Eating, LIfestyle Accessible To All

Good, healthy food can be expensive, even for those with a decent job. Fast food and processed foods are not only more convenient but also more affordable to many. So-called food deserts, areas in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food, are unfortunately something Milwaukee has to contend with. A new restaurant opening this month in Milwaukee seeks to solve that problem for one neighborhood. Tricklebee Cafe is a new restaurant, run by Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons, that follows the pay-what-you-can  (PWYC) philosophy as a member of the One World Everybody Eats organization. In a PWYC business, a sliding scale of prices for products or services allows for people who are better off to pay higher prices to cover for lower prices paid for by those with lower income.

Be A Force For Change With Target Star Wars Ts

If you haven't heard, there's a new Star Wars movie coming out in two weeks. It's also the holiday season of gift giving. The confluence of these two events obviously lends itself to many sales of Star Wars merchandise, and many different businesses will make lots of money off of it. I love me some some Star Wars, but with my Social Responsibility philosophy I prefer to give and get gifts that some how promote personal or communal wellness, so I was very excited to see Target has come out with merchandise that fulfill both those passions with the  Star Wars Force4Fashion line of Ts. This line of special Rogue One inspired designs is made to support UNICEF . For each specially marked men’s and women’s Force 4 Fashion Rogue One t-shirt purchased through Target’s retail operations from November 27 – December 31, 2016, Target will donate $5 USD to U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support the UNICEF Kid Power program; maximum donation: $1 million USD What it is even greater is th