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Give A Bike, Get A Ferry Ride On April 20

Milwaukee is great, just ask us. But sometimes you want to head out of town to see the rest of the country. For many destinations, if going by car that means heading through Chicago. That means Chicago traffic, tolls, and time. Since 2004 there has been a more relaxing way to head west, especially if going to or through Michigan: the Lake Express ferry. You can skip all that and have a relaxing ride across the lake to Muskegon, MI. Of course there is a cost to that convenience. It's not cheap, you could fly to Michigan many days depending on the current airfare rates, but then we know you are taking your car for some reason. Luckily there is a great way to reduce the cost. For a few years now, the Lake Express has partnered with Milwaukee Bicycle Collective on a bike donation program on or around Earth Day. In return for a donated bike you get one free round-trip passenger fare. This year the donation event is Thursday, April 20.

Bucks Rookie Brogdon Great On & Off The Court

Bucks rookie G Michael Brogdon If you are an sports fan you can probably name at least a few recent NBA MVPs, if you are an Association fan most or all of them. Rookie of the Year (ROTY)? Even the biggest fan probably can't name a majority. Maybe that was part of his thinking when Bucks rookie guard Michael Brogdon asked his team to cancel their plans to spend money on promoting him for the award and instead donate the money to charity.