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Prizes for donors - how to make people give

Here is a great example of a person that took an interest, a typically male interest even though it is a female, and used it to garner for donations for a good cause. This girl got donations from gaming companies related to World of Warcraft to use as prizes for people who donate to her team for the Leukemia and Lymphona Society. Yes, that's right, if fellow gamers donate to her team, at least $25, they get entered to win prizes back themselves! Oh yeah, and she is doing a triathlon, take that all you men!

Ebert Inspirational

Just got done watching Roger Ebert on Oprah (yeah... I know, my wife had it on), and his story of perseverance with his cancer is amazing, but more so because of his spirit through it all. He seems like a genuine, caring man we should all aspire to be like. His wife read an entry from his journal with an inspiring message about how to live. “I believe that if, at the end of it all, according to our abilities, we have done something to make others a little happier, and something to make ourselves a little happier, that is about the best we can do. To make others less happy is a crime. To make ourselves unhappy is where all crime starts. We must try to contribute joy to the world. That is true no matter what our problems, our health, our circumstances. We must try. I didn’t always know this, and I am happy that I lived long enough to find it out.”