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Follow The Golden Rule on 4 Wheels: Watch Out For 2 Wheels and Afoot

Watch out for Motorcyclists, but also bicyclists & pedestrians This weekend is Memorial Day, usually called the unofficial start of Summer (the astronomical first day isn't until June 20) since it kicks off the many Summer weekend activities. Summer means lots of new activity, but really that activity has started since Spring came (whenever that is in Wisconsin whether it be 1 day or 3 months). The new or increased activity I refer to is non-4-wheeled traffic: motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, even pedestrians. Oh, and also since its not Winter that means its also Road Construction season. Because of all these changes in May, the month is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month here and across the nation and Memorial Day wraps it up, but really amps it up for the rest of Summer. The combination of vulnerable traffic, road construction, and mobile and in-vehicle devices makes for a dangerous brew. I know of 2 accounts of circles of friends of motorcyclists being hit by a car in