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Packers' Eddie Lacy Joins The Mo Bros For Movember

In past years Green Bay Packers players and coaches have participated in Movember, most notably Mr. Rodgers and McCarthy . This year, second year player and first round draft pick (and my fantasy football first round pick over a certain other RB who has had legal issues) Eddie Lacy is joining in. Eddie is growing a mo to raise awareness and has his own MoSpace at the Movember movement fundraising site. On his MoSpace, Lacy says that he is inspired by his parents who are both in healthcare to promote health to others. Like many men he used to avoid he conversation, now he is  the conversation.

Blizzard Entertainment Allows Players To Adopt An In Game Pet For Charity Again

There are all kinds of men, from many walks of life with varied interests, and it makes me happy to see one group get more and more respect for their talents and contributions - namely the nerd. From shows like Big Bang Theory to the popularity of comic movies and even nerd music, the intellectual man has arisen as a popular clique. One area that they still aren't known for contributing to is charity - and this is wrong - for as I see it geeks and nerds give as much if not more than other groups. But hopefully that is changing as well, as you can find many stories here of nerds doing good. Joining in other campaigns such as Child's Play (providing toys and games to childrens' hospitals) and the Call of Duty Endowment (for veterans)   Blizzard Entertainment , creator of the Warcraft and Starcraft universes among other well-known games, have helped pave the way for gamers to be charitable with in-game purchases that they donate the proceeds from to a charity. For this

Great Play: Bengals Support Devon Still & Daughter

This what a real man looks like. Devon Still caring for his daughter Leah who has cancer. Their organization may have been known as the Bungles for many years due to their woes, but not only are they getting better on the field, but their management is showing ability to be good - and do  good. This year they showed that rare ability to look beyond a winning roster an care for their players when they helped out Devon Still. Still was drafted by the Bengals in 2012 and played two season, but was not able to make the roster this year due to an injury. Still, however, needed the benefits of being a player - for his daughter Leah who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer and he needed the insurance to pay for her care. In a total class move, the Bengals signed him to their practice squad. position on the practice squad so that he could continue to pay for his daughter's cancer treatments. They also kept his jersey available to buy to raise awareness and funds for pediatr