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NFL Player DeAngelo Williams Goes Beyond Pink

Though I support all campaigns to raise awareness and funds for health and wellness, the month of October, the " Pink " month always makes me cringe a little, especially when it come to the partnership with the NFL. We've seen how the 'too big to fail' myth about businesses resulted and the same can be said for some nonprofit campaigns. I'm not saying the pink campaign is bad, but I, like many others, question the end results as well as this specific partnership. At this point its easy to wonder how many really relate and take to heart the message and are just buying anything pink, many of which may not even be related to the campaign. Anyone now can make a pink product and take advantage of the increased sales whether they give money to the campaign or not, or maybe a very small percentage, the NFL's products for example are shown to donate a minimal amount back to breast cancer research (for every $100 in pink merchandise sold, $12.50 goes to the NFL.