An Apple A Day... or year, or however often you buy new electronics

Apple stores have developed a great program to get iPads to teachers.

Guys and gadgets, they go together well. The problem is, as we fuel our need for new gadgets, our old ones have to go somewhere.  This can add up quickly to the landfill issue, and it is even worse as many electronics have toxic elements - especially the batteries. Luckily there are programs to recycle or turn in those old electronics for proper disposal or even reuse - the EPA has a list of ways to do this.

Well, Apple now has a program where you can turn in your old iPad (most likely due to you getting a new iPad - but maybe a Droid or other OS tablet) at their Apple Stores and they will donate it to Teach For America for us in classrooms where they are increasing as study aids.

Now, isn't that a great excuse to upgrade?

"But honey, I have to give my old iPad to teachers - you know - to teach kids."


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