HS player honors mother with 46 points for her 46 years

This story actually made my eyes get a little damp while reading it.

Freshman Brad Rhoades lost his mother to a tragic snowmobile accident. Two days after her death he had his last basketball game of the season. He could have sat out but instead he played to honor his mother - and he does so in amazing Super-gentleman fashion. He scores a point for every year of her life: 46. More of the story here.

I used to think it controversial. Is it right to play as an athlete or should you be in grief and let it go for a few days? As I see this happen more and more, in the example of Chris Paul as listed in the article and even Brett Favre (who I normally have stricken from this blog) in the case of his father's death, I have come to think that this is their way of honoring their loved one. It is what they do and they do it in front of many and if they can show their resolve and the power they get from that person then that is their way to cope and honor them.

This is especially amazing as it is a teenager, just a freshman. It continues to amaze me what young men can do that tops what their elders seem to forget., how to be a good man, even if they are young men.


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