New Way to Be Green for St. Pat's

St. Patrick's Day is a pretty manly holiday when you think about it. Go outside on a cold Spring day, drink lots of beer and Irish liquor, eat manly Irish food (no one ever accused corned beef and hash of being frou-frou), maybe even wear a kilt. Well, since it is manly - let's make it gentlemanly.

There are many things to consider on St. Patrick's Day to be a gentleman, but for one day let's give ourselves a break. Let's look at a different way to be Well-Met. It is customary for St. Patrick's Day to 'be green', usually meaning wear green colors and possibly drink some nasty green-colored beer. This year, try being 'green' as in environmentally conscious. If you haven't tried yet, give it a one-day try, if you already are - try being more green - or be more vocal about it.

Take one small step. Try these on for size:

  • Instead of green-colored beer - drink 'green' beer, definitely go with a local brewery to save on transportation emissions and maybe even an organic beer. In Milwaukee you can try Lakefront Brewery's Local Acre or Organic ESB which are both - local and organic.

  • Eat green - try organic foods. Go to a locavore restaurant such as Roots or Meritage, or general natural food restaurants like Beans & Barley or The National.

  • Wearin' o' the Green. Wear organic clothes or a t-shirt proclaiming yourself 'green'.

  • Turn off and unplug or switch off the power strips for all your electronics

  • Use only one napkin - or here's a new one similar to that I just saw somewhere but can't remember or find: ask for no straw in a place with glass glasses. All those little straws add up in land fills and besides, it isn't manly to drink your cocktail from a straw.

  • #1 option: take public transportation. You will be good to the earth and also to yourself (not to mention possibly other lives) instead of driving under the influence.

Can you think of other ways to go 'green' on St. Patrick's Day?


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