The Organic Commandment

Today I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum with friends and their boys to see a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. Always good to see Mr.  Wright's work and not just his visual, but also his philosophical ideas. This is one of my favorites - I have a t-shirt of it and also a card with it at my work desk. In many ways it is THE set of commandments for the Well-Met Gentleman:

The Organic Commandment

Love is the virtue of the heart
Sincerity the virtue of the mind
Decision the virtue of the will
Courage the virtue of the spirit.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

These are four great things to strive for: to be Sincere, Decisive, Courageous, and above them all... Loving.

To read more of my take on the Organic Commandment and a sort fo code of chivilary or gentleman's rules check out the Be Well Met page.


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