North Shore Firefighter's Full-Gear Marathon

James Gefke, a North Shore Fire Department (for the suburbs north of Milwaukee) firefighter, completed the Boston Marathon wearing full gear. He performed the feat that most cannot do in their basic workout/running gear in honor of a fallen friend and fellow-firefighter John Harrington.

Harrington died riding his bike when hit by a semi, and since that day each year Gefke has participated in an annual ride of the path Harrington took on his last day, raising $15 per person that joins the ride for the Wisconsin Burn Survivors Network.

This year he decided to do more. He decided to run the Boston Marathon - an amazing feat in itself - in full firefighter gear, to raise awareness of and funds for the John Harrington Memorial Bike Ride. Besides the weight of the gear, it also doesn't breath very well and increases fatigue. Monday he completed the feat.

A man who is a hero in his every day job went above and beyond, showing us all what it means to honor your comrades and raise awareness and funds for a great cause.

Watch the story on Todays TMJ4.


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