Volunteer Week

Today, Sunday April 10th, is the start of National Volunteer Week. Though this space is normally reserved to promote volunteering, here and for the rest of this week I want to appreciate those that volunteer and encourage everyone to recognize and thank the many volunteers around them.

It is easy to miss or forget those that are doing something for us or those we care for out of the kindness of their heart with no compensation for their time - volunteers. Here are some of the people you may see each day that are volunteers:

  • The crossing guard that sees your children safely across the street
  • Tutors and mentors
  • Little league coaches
  • The animal therapy  (and dog or animal) that visits your loved one in the hospital to help speed up recovery
  • The groups that help keep the roadways clean (all those signs you see along the highway listing groups that clean there)
  • Greeters at the hospital
Of course there are many more, but I just wanted to highlight some of those you might see weekly or even daily that you might not have realized or remembered were volunteers. Please take the time to notice and recognize volunteers that impact your life and give the thanks.

Throughout the week I will take time to recognize specific types of volunteers including animal welfare and environment activists and caretakers among others.


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