BOGO - Buy One GIVE One?

TOMS shoes was one of the pioneers of a business model that is truly inspiring. In a twist on the term BOGO, their version means 'Buy One Give One', meaning that for every pair of shoes bought, they give a pair to a child in need.

Now personally, the men's shoe styles themselves are a little hard to swallow - they all look like variations of ballet shoes for some reason, maybe they look better on -  with only a few that I would even think of wearing. But the idea is amazing, and now that have expanded the program. They now sell sunglasses and for each pair bought they give  a pair of eyewear to the needy. They are classic styles much better looking and wearable than the shoes.

TOMS is not alone, there are other businesses that do the same thing - such as the BoGolightOne World Futbol Project, even a very stylish men's ties business called FIGS, among others  - and there is even a program called B1G1 that seeks to help businesses follow this model.

These are such easy ways to let people, men, give - just by buying things they would anyway. Next time you are shopping, check for a give one option and give it a try.

One last thing, a spin on this could be GOGO - give one give one - since there are likely more b1g1 options for women, buy one as a gift - how cool to tell her that it also gave to a needy person? You'll score big points, and er, maybe just score when she sees your sensitive side.


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