Great Play: Texas Rangers Well-Met Draft Pick

I am not a big baseball fan, only following the home team as a sports homer in general, but this story caught my eye. With their 33rd round pick - 33 rounds?, again not a baseball follower but 33??? - drafted a player that will never play baseball - you see, he is paralyzed.

Johnathan Taylor, team mate of Zach Cone who the Rangers drafted in the 2nd-round, was paralyzed in an outfield collision. He likely will never walk again - though he is in therapy - and definitely will not play ball again. The Rangers gave him the honor of going to the team his friend Cone went to - and many of us hope that he will get a job with them maybe in the office or coaching somehow, if the Rangers made this move I can see them being so big as to take that next step.

Good pick, Rangers, and Great Play.


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