Great Play: Bucks Brandon Jennings Uses Time Wisely

While the NBA is on lockout, Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks has been using his time wisely. Since he cannot use team facilities to workout, he asked UnderArmour if he could use their facilities, and in turn they have made him an intern. Not only is he staying physically fit, but as someone who never went to college he is also getting useful experience for his post-pro days.

Jennings was the first basketball player to be endorsed by the previously football-centric company.  And he used his partnership with them to make sure he was not wasting his time during the lockout. Sure he is getting some interesting perks as an intern and his title sounds somewhat superficial - 'Curator of Cool', but Under Armour says they are actually using his input.

Hey if Willie G. Davidson can be the Chief Styling Officer of Harley-Davidson why can't Curator of Cool be a valid position?


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