Dr. Oz's 25 Natural Men's Health Tips

Natural Awakenings magazine Milwaukee edition has a cover article on Dr. Oz' (of Oprah and his own show now fame)  25 Greatest Men's Health Tips. I recommend picking up the magazine which I found at Outpost Natural Foods as I did not find the article on the web site yet, hopefully it will be there, but here is the list sans his exposition on the benefits but with a quick note by me.
  1. Roll on the Floor Laughing - laughing eases stress and reduces blood pressure
  2. Don't Skip Breakfast - specifically fiber means less hunger later
  3. Hit The Sack - get seven hours of sleep
  4. Admire Your Work - snoop your poop
  5. Don't Pamper Your Bad Back - bed rest weakens back so get up
  6. Taste The Colors - eat foods with color, as many different colors
  7. Brushing Is Not Enough - floss
  8. Take A Deep Belly Breath - just one deep breath can calm
  9. Join A Yoga Class - Dr. Oz says: being surrounded by women in spandex is a good reason. I'll take his word
  10. Don't Be an Island - women may live longer than men due to more social networks
  11. Avoid Fad Diets - just lower calories intake by 100 (that's 10 pounds a year)
  12. Be a Smart Patient -second opinions, health journal, ask questions
  13. Lose the Beer Belly - belly size should be less than half your height (so for me at 66" tall my 32-33 inch waist is almost good). Oh and every pt of BMI above 25 is a 3% drop in testosterone - fat is unmanly
  14. Go Green - green tea that is
  15. Sweat Until You're Wet - one hour of hard, sweaty workout a week is all you need
  16. Save Some Money - personal finance is ranked number one stressor
  17. Have as Much Sex as Possible - tell your significant other (SO) Dr. Oz said so.
  18. Know Your Numbers, the Aim Lower - your heart numbers that is
  19. Add Some Weights - 30 min twice a week (okay so that is now 2 hours a week of workout)
  20. Grab Your Nuts - healthful fats and protein
  21. No, Seriously, Grab Your Nuts - or have your SO check them for you - catch testicular cancer early
  22. Hit the Dance Floor - mental and physical activity and may help #17
  23. Do Your Penis a Favor - if you burn 200 calories a day you lower chance of impotence
  24. Learn to Cook - control what you eat and women love men who can cook
  25. Some Pills Should Be Popped - Vitamin D baby
I should have divided this up to get a few posts out of it, but its a good list to see all together so there it is.


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