Great Play: Former Brewer Hisle MVP Of Mentors

On a week when there have been more typically bad morality plays in professional sports, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a piece on an inspiring former athlete - Larry Hisle of the Milwaukee Brewers. The story talks about how Hisle works with disadvantaged males of all ages as part of his work for the Brewers as the manager of youth outreach, a paid position but a vocation he is called do and would do regardless.

Entering the Holiday season of the US Thanksgiving Day and various religious special days, it seems that professional sports wants to drag us down and keep us in the negativity of the state of the economy and other political issues. Between the dangerous and vindictive actions on the race track, allegations of abuse in college football, and the NBA lockout, sports don;t seem so inspiring. But Hisle and the his former and current employer the Milwaukee Brewers give some hope.

First kudos to the Brewers organization for having the outreach program and especially for picking Hisle to fill the manager role. And of course even bigger recognition is due Hisle himself who is available to anyone anytime to use experiences, which are not all rosey, to allow him to speak to young men from all walks of life.

Hisle may have missed out on the MVP award he wanted and likely could have gotten in baseball had he not suffered a career-ending injury, but he is an MVP of Milwaukee volunteerism, charity, and mentoring.


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