Monday, November 21, 2011

My Birthday Request On Men's Health Night

I normally do not get personal here. But today is my birthday - which not only is in November when many men's health issues are in the forefront , but coincidentally falls on November 21 which happens to be Men's Health Night. So I will say that my one wish is that all men would this year, and every year, get a regular check up at the doctor. The first Men's Health Night - in 2010 - was on a Blue Moon and so they claimed the more manly color of blue as their badge to promote that men do not go to the Dr. 'once in a blue moon' but go every year.

This is my 150th post at Well-Met, a special post number and also being on my birthday. In the past year I have kept up my goal of regularly positing here about men's wellness - physical and mental health, volunteerism and charity, manners and style.  I have more goals that I have not gotten to, but with the accomplishments I have made in the past year (including participating in National Novel Writing Month where I wrote 50,000 words in a month) I know I can do it.

Anyway, back to that birthday thing. Last year was a 'bigger' one, a milestone number, but this one means more to me because of what the past year has been. I hope that I have inspired even a few men to do something about their own or another's health, and so this year as stated my wish is that all men commit to getting a check up.

And yes, I had my check up this past year, and all is fine with me. How you doin'?