Bee Gees Can Really Help At Stayin' Alive

The American Heart Association has released a brilliant ad campaign to promote people trying CPR when it is needed. The message is basically that bad CPR is better than no CPR. To get the point across they have enlisted Ken Jeong who plays the part of Ben Chang on the NBC comedy series Community and is really a doctor.

In a hilarious video featuring Jeong [below] they go over the basics:

Hands-Only CPR – or CPR without using breaths – involves two simple steps to help an adult cardiac arrest victim:

1)    Call 9-1-1

2)    Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until an AED arrives and is ready for use or healthcare providers take over

Remember the classic Bee Gees disco hit "Stayin' Alive?" It’s the perfect beat for remembering the right rate of chest compressions during Hands-Only CPR.

You have to love that the song title goes so well with the message - Stayin' Alive. And the girls with their message shirts don't hurt the video either.

If you like what AHA is doing with this campaign, you can learn more and donate here.


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