Great Play: AJ Hawk Sacks His Hair For Charity

Green Bay Packer A.J. Hawk, known for his flowing locks long before Clay Matthews, has cut his hair to donate it to children with cancer.

He tweeted a picture with the message, "Today is a special day for me as I've decided to cut off my hair and give it to someone who needs it more than I do." and later  "My wife and I are proud to start Hawk's Locks for Kids which will be helping kids with cancer," "No child should have to feel ashamed of themselves due to a disease."

Hawk's Locks for Kids is a partnership with Wigs for Kids, an organization that takes donations of real hair (donated by people just as Hawk has done) to make wigs for children that have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment or other diseases.

I personally think it's quite an improvement for AJ, and definitely a Great Play.


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