Great Play: Badger Rob Wilson Reaches Out To Kids

Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sunday edition highlights UW basketball player and senior Rob Wilson for his work off the court as much or more so than on it. The full article is here.

Wilson has been an intern at a Madison Boys & Girls Club this semester and plans to leave UW with a degree in human ecology and leadership studies. As part of his internship he puts in 15 hours each week, but when time permits he tries to put in as much time as a volunteer doing whatever he can to help out children with single parents, something he knows about dealing with from personal experience. While volunteering, he spends time with the kids playing basketball of course but also reading with them, even helping out on the computer.

From the story, Wilson has taken much away from the experience in addition to what he gives the kids, and that is on of the best things about volunteering and doing service for others. Of course you are helping out others but often as a side-effect you help yourself in the process, as I discussed in my Free-lancing article.

Wilson is playing his last game as a Badger this afternoon, but it sounds like he will leave a lasting impression on the people of Madison, especially the youth of the Boys & Girls Club.


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