Great Play: Nyjer Morgan Promotes Adopting Over Buying Companion Animals

Brewer's outfielder Nyjer Morgan, self-proclaimed 'Alpha-male Silverback Gorilla', shows his softer side and a humane heart in a new video interview for PETA discussing how he recently adopted a cat. Regardless of what you think of some of their extreme measures - though an animal welfare person myself I don't agree with them all - their ads and campaigns can and do promote basic animal welfare awareness. And one of the simplest yet most important aspects of animal welfare is companion animal adoption. When we learn to treat our companion animals better then that is likely to carry over to better treatment of all animals. The reasons to adopt are numerous, and I could do (and have) done entire posts about it, for a quick review check out the Humane Society of the United States Top Five Reasons to Adopt.

Morgan adopted his cat from a local 'pound' as he states - likely one of the humane societies or shelters in the area - and  named him Slick Willie. The two seem to be inseparable and he calls Willie his best friend - who even features prominently in his tweet. Morgan encourages people to go to local shelters to adopt a companion because it helps fight animal abuse and gives an animal in need an opportunity.

Nyjer may go into 'beast mode' in Brewers games, but at home it seems he's a big softie with his companion cat.


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