The Art of Shaving Opens At Mayfair

The Milwaukee area just got a big shot in the arm when it comes to men's grooming with the addition of Wisconsin's first The Art of Shaving store at Mayfair Mall.

According to their information:

The Art of Shaving Shops Created in 1996, are the first of their kind; a masculine establishment set up to provide men with the finest shaving products and accessories. Our shops are operated by a team of shaving specialists who offer advice to customers on proper grooming techniques.

When I was in Chicago recently I had a chance to stop in one there and was impressed with their products and service. The sales people were helpful and knowledgeable. Their main focus is of course shaving products with pre-shave, creams and soaps, and after-shave products as well as the finest brushes and razors for the actual work of lathering and shaving. They also carry skin and hair care products plus grooming accessories.

With a store dedicated to old-school, true shaving methods and products I will definitely be switching from the big box store multi-blade (is more really better?) razors though I think I will start with a safety razor versus the straight razor. Don't know what I am talking about? Head to The Art of Shaving for a primer on the different razors, and also chek out the wise words of Wisconin's own Sharpologist for more tips and tricks to get started.

The Mayfair store is on the Western wing of the central corridor, just below the food court. I did not get a chance to walk in the Mayfair store yet, but check back for a review later, and in the mean time, feel free to check it out yourself and give a shout out here as to what you thought.


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