Master & Commander Samaritan Jacket Name Rings True

Master & Commander, makers of the aptly named Samaritan Jacket, is a new company that is participating in the growing Buy One Give One business and charity model. In this model a business commits to donating one of something for every one of a product that is sold. TOMS shoes may be the most familiar one to most where for every shoe sold they donate a shoe to - they also do glasses for sunglasses - but there are others and as we are aware we will keep an updated list on the Good & Services page.

One such company I just discovered is Master & Commander. Founded in 2012 by Gustavo Sainz, their goal is to donate a garment for every one  purchased. Right now they just have one product - the Samaritan Jacket. It is a military style outdoor activity jacket inspired by the Special Operations Forces Protective Clothing Unit Level 5 jacket (PCU L5) - a staple for elite forces from Navy SEALS to Green Berets.

The many features copied and adapted from the PCU make this a great outdoor activity garment as a stand-alone or layered in extreme conditions. And with every jacket purchased another will be donated to a child in refugee camps - it truly is a 'good' Samaritan jacket. They work with a majority of NPOʼs that are currently working with the refugee situation around the world to distribute the donations.

Amazingly, the jacket only costs $98 despite its features, design, and philanthropic piece. I would have expected more for the jacket let alone the fact that they are also donating another to someone else. Per M&C they keep operational costs low and sell directly to the consumer and 'do not have to deal with endorsement fees, royalties, paid celebrity spokespeople and brick and mortar shops that sadly increase the cost of the clothes.'

As more and more 'Give One' products come out it is nice to see men, so often excluded in charitable or socially conscious product lines, being part of it whether owners or the products themselves and Master & Commander is right there wit the leaders of the movement.


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