Older Adults Need Spring Cleaning Help, Get It From Interfaith & YOU

It may not feel like it yet, but it is Spring, and for many that means doing Spring cleaning. We dust off the cobwebs that have settled over winter and get outside and clean up what we didn't get to in Fall or what Winter left behind. But for a large number of people, though they want to, they can't. Our older neighbors need help to get those things done, and who better to do it than each of us? We men can be the Spring Cleaning superhero for our elders.

Thankfully, there is an organization that runs a volunteer program to assist older adults in getting things done whether Spring cleaning, winter snow removal, or summer lawn care. Interfaith Older Adult Programs  has established many programs focusing on quality services, social opportunities, and valuable resources to enhance the welfare of older adults and family caregivers who support them. Their volunteer program makes it very easy for people to provide assistance with opportunities located throughout Milwaukee County suitable to adults of any age. There are numerous positions uniquely matched to personal interests & talents and flexible commitment. More information on volunteering can be found here.

This really is a great opportunity for men who want to find an outlet to give their energy and talent to help others in a well-organized simple way. Whether on your own or with a group of friends, you can sign up to help one or more older adults with some chores around their homes. A perfect example of this is a recent Community Story by RadioMilwaukee about a UWM Ultimate Frisbee team signing up to do it together. This winter they worked together to help keep one woman's sidewalks clear of snow the entire season. This model could be easily followed by your group of drinking buddies, fantasy sports league, gaming group, i.e. your friends.

This Spring Interfaith is putting out a call for help to assist our older neighbors in doing the clean-up to make their yards ready for the warmer months, then stay on to mow the lawn in Summer, and shovel in Winter. Are you ready to help? If so, call Mary Steinke at (414) 220-8648 or fill out a volunteer application here.


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