Wisconsin Blood Donations Help Boston Victims

While April is National Donate Life Month, concentrating on organ and tissue donation, and January was National Blood Donor Month, giving blood is needed constantly for many reasons. Today Boston experienced a tragic event that is causing a great need for blood, and Wisconsin donors are helping out.

The Blood Center of Wisconsin, who also handles local organ and tissue donations, just announced on social media including Facebook and Twitter that they 'received a request today for O Negative blood from within our network of blood centers. The blood provided will be used to help patients in several Boston hospitals following today's tragic events.'

As BCW's tag line says they are 'Doing more good than you know.' You may think they just provide blood to local hospitals for surgeries, but as this tragedy shows us, they do much more. Blood centers across the nation, including BCS are routinely called upon to provide blood during national tragedies. Their ability to respond to requests from other blood centers is possible because of the continued generosity of blood donors like you.

Events like the Boston Marathon tragedy can be calls for action, and there will be many requests for assistance for the victims. But there is a very simple, inexpensive way to help. Donate blood. While your donation may be too late to make it to the victims, you can help replenish Wisconsin's supply. One blood donation can save three lives. So get over to a blood donation center, locations here, and give up a little bit of the old red and give life in return.


  1. You can give blood every four months provided that you are in good health between the ages of 17 and 65, and weighing at least 7st 12Ib.How to donate blood


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