Braise Culinary School Offers Man-Friendly Classes

Wouldn't you rather learn about whiskey than wine?
In the world of cuisine and fine dining, what once was a stuffy affair is increasingly casual and masculine with decor, dining, and drink that appeal to even the manliest of men. Where once wine and fruity cocktails, French food and romantic design held domain, you can now find traditional cocktails and hearty fare served in industrial-chic restaurants. Thankfully, Milwaukee is part of, even a leader in, this new movement chock full of man-friendly gourmet and/or healthy dining choices (many listed here), not least of which is the new Braise Restaurant.

Braise is a Milwaukee business that 'makes local, peak of season produce easily accessible to area restaurants', and has their own restaurant as well. Like others who get their food from Braise, the restaurant itself proves that fresh, local, and good doesn't have to be flavorless and includes meat. In addition to their RSA and CSA, and the restaurant, Braise also has space for culinary classes and I am happy to see they continue to offer choices for men among the classes there. May and June bring two classes perfect for the Well-Met Man of Milwaukee:

Tuesday, May 7 - "What Makes Whiskey, Whiskey"

6pm Reception/6:30pm Class
Richard Serrano of L'Eft Bank Wine Company will walk us through 3 tasting flights as we learn about Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye Whiskey and what makes each unique.

Thursday, June 6 - "Intro to Sausage Making"

6pm Reception/6:30pm Class
Join Dave Swanson, Chef/Owner of Braise Restaurant, as you learn the basics of fresh sausage making including grinding, stuffing, and linking. You'll also learn where to buy supplies plus what kind of equipment you will need to stock your own butcher shop. Chorizo, Boudin Blanc, and Italian Sausage will be "linked" to this class.

Leave the wine and tea classes to the ladies, and fill up the Whiskey class then in June head back to learn how to make your own sausages - maybe as preparation for unparalleled tailgating. Register for classes here.


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