Great Play: Former Packers Prez Bob Harlan Takes Care Of His Skin

You may have seen my post earlier this month about Melanoma. Thanks to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this week, I learned that  Bob Harlan, the former president of the Green Bay Packers, is a melanoma cancer survivor. 

Here is what Mr Harlan has to say "To this day I'm afraid of the sun. I will not sit out in the sun at all; I'm scared to death of it," said Harlan. "I've even stopped playing a lot of golf because I'm not comfortable anymore. I've mentioned that to other skin cancer patients and they tell me they feel the same way. If I go to a driving range just to hit some golf balls, I wear a great big straw hat."

Mr Harlan spent his childhood as a caddy and outside on his grandparent's farm. He discovered spots on his face in the 1990s but his cancer was not diagnosed until 2003 when he underwent aggressive treatment.

He has now become an advocate for a number of charities with his wife as a result of his cancer scare. You can read more about this Well-Met Man here.

A reminder again to take care of the skin you are in guys!


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