If You Are A Vet Macy's Has Got Your 6

Macy's has teamed up with the organization Got Your 6 to help contribute to their organization in a super easy way that benefits you too - When you shop at Macy’s between May 12th and June 9th, you can buy a pin for just  $3 to Got Your 6 at the register and in return, will receive a 15/20% savings pass for any day you choose (exclusions apply.) You can also donate $6 to Got Your 6 and receive a golden Got Your 6 pin to wear your support, as well as the savings pass. Click here to find out more. And if you go on Saturday, June 1st Macy’s shoppers will receive a 25% shopping pass when they donate at least $3 to Got Your 6.

The goal of Got Your 6 is for us "regular citizens" to find a  way to show appreciation for those who have served. This includes a focus on what they call the "Six Pillars" Jobs, Education, Health, Housing, Family and Leadership. The term " Got Your Six" is a military term that means I've got your back, and I know you've got mine, as emphasized in their current PSA. Sounds like very Well Met goals to me!

So buy a pin and shop for you, join their Facebook page, and thank a current military member or veteran by telling them you've "got their 6". It's especially appropriate this time of year with National Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day coming up.


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