Use Your Photoshop Skills For GOOD - Help OK Tornado Victims

I recently made a snarky comment in my post about Charles Ramsay about people with photo editor skills using their powers for 'good not evil', to borrow a trope. My short rant was directed at not only them but any people that have a talent and waste it and valuable time by using said talent for useless, often negative results. For those photo editors out there the example are all the memes of photos with Helvetica font sayings attached to them. Well, now those talents can literally be used for GOOD - the magazine and online community 'of, by, and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress' in a new campaign to help restore photos damaged in the Oklahoma tornadoes.

This project falls perfectly in line with Well-Met Men. It is a perfect example of what I want to be phase 2, above and beyond just posting about men's wellness. Many of the articles and the calendar of events are meant to promote volunteerism among men by showcasing things I think they would be interested in. But what I really want to move to is a way to connect men with skills that (whether they think they are or not) are  valuable to some organization out there without having to become a full-fledged member of the organization. Whether it be accounting skills, communications experience, design talent or any number of talents, skills, and experiences - everyone has something that someone else needs. An organization may need a press release put out, and it doesn't take someone having to be a registered volunteer to be able to whip one up for them probably in a few minutes if they are already a professional writer or communications professional. They may need a postcard created for an event, and if they provide the graphics like logos and the verbiage a designer could make it for them. Does it help if the person is vested in the cause? Sure, but not necessary, and if there is a connection all the better. Those are the types of things I really want Well-Met Men to be about - making those connections.

Another aspect of the concept is it can give people wanting to try something a chance at it, as I talked about in my Free-lancing article. You want to write but have never done it before - well volunteering where expectations are usually lower for time and quality may be a way to give it a try. Same goes for web design, event planning, or any number of experiences. Plus if you are out of a job, it is a good way to keep your resume filled with 'work' while you try to find your next career - you may even get an 'in' with an organization for a job if you have volunteered for them.

I have friends that I know are skilled with Photoshop or other photo editors, and there are plenty more men out there in Milwaukee. If any one of them has a few minutes a day, they could sign up at GOOD to offer their time to help try to restore family photos and give back a little piece of the memories lost in the devastation. Plus, if you happen to have pirated said software you may just get some karma points back. If you are one of those with the talent, I encourage you to sign up and offer your services, and if I know you and know you have the skills expect me to personally reach out and do some arm-twisting.


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