Bill Davidson's Love Letter To Milwaukee

If you don't know exactly who Bill Davidson is, you will recognize his last name. Yes, he is a Davidson of Harley-Davidson fame, the great-grandson of one of the founders of the Milwaukee company that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. With the the 110th celebration coming up, he released a love-letter to Milwaukee as part of Huffington Posts's Love Letters Project, an 'anthology of reflections on American places by the local people that define them.'

Bill remained loyal to not only the company, but they city as well - never leaving to sow his oats for a while before coming back to work for his family's company as you can tell by his letter.

He talks about how important it is that the founders chose to start and stay in Milwaukee. 'I believe they did this because of all the wonderful things this city stands for.' he says. He adds that Milwaukee is the right place for HD, with the people that have qualities such as creativity and passion 'necessary to help build a brand like Harley-Davidson - one focused on family, pride, strong work ethic and camaraderie.'

It is great to get accolades from outside Milwaukee, such as the many lists we are popping up on, but we are known to bash ourselves and have an inferiority complex, so when one of our own stands up and shouts out Milwaukee pride it is even better.


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