Be Local, Natural, AND Support Men's Health With Halo Soap's Moustache Soap

Here is a great deal for those of you growing a moustache for Movember, or any man with a stache year-round. Halo Soap, with locations in Bay View and Cudahy, is making a whole line of moustache waxes and during every November, 50% of the sales from those products will go towards the Movember Foundation, and 20% of those sales during the rest of the year will be held until the following Movember. That means you can buy local, natural, AND support men's health - that's a home run in the Greater MKE Men's world.

They make other men's products as well including man-friendly soaps like beer, bay rum, and coffee - even dirt, yes dirt scent - as well as men's facial care products like after-shave a pre-shave oil which you can but on their Etsy store (see Etsy isn't just for women!)


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