Great Play: Dolphins Bullying Decision Can Have Trickle Down Effect

If a man of this size can be bullied, anyone can.
When the Miami Dolphins suspended their player (who shall remain nameless here) who was found to be bullying a team mate they showed themselves to be a great team regardless of what their record ends up being.

You can find the full story elsewhere, including a transcript of an example of the hatred that spewed from the mouth of the player in a voicemail left for the victim. The victim, Jonathan Martin left the team mid-season after a reported incident but it likely was due to this bullying. I am not sure what steps Martin took before this to report, and one hopes if he did they were followed up on, and it is a shame he left if it was because of this. I am not saying the Dolphins did everything right, we will have to wait til the details come out and see how they follow up on possibly other accusations. But at least at this point, of their own accord not even from a league mandate, they took the positive step to take a stand against bullying int heir locker room, and everywhere. They could have waited and made some sort of statement that they are investigating and waiting to make a decision, but since they had at least some proof they got him out of there until they know the full extent and I expect an even bigger punishment from the team and the league.

Let's hope the message they sent will trickle down from their own to locker rooms of younger teams - both college and high school - and set an example for growing and grown men of what is acceptable and what is not.


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